April 23, 2009

Hi Buddy Ray,
Here are the results of the Radiothon for your website, with a thank you for the volunteers:

The KAT 103 Radiothon hit the airwaves April 16-18, raising $332,000 for Children’s Hospital & Medical Center through Children’s Miracle Network. The Radiothon broadcasted live from the atrium at Children’s. Many popular KAT 103 personalities were involved with the three-day fundraising effort. Morning show hosts Steve Lundy, Gina and Craig as well as Ritch Cassidy and EJ talked to Children’s patients and families about their stories of hope.

This year’s Radiothon also included KAT Bandits, a coin drive where participants asked co-workers, friends and family for spare change, will all proceeds collected going to Children’s.

A BIG thank you to all the drivers who volunteered their Saturday race time to help on the event phone bank.  They put a lot of time and energy into helping the families who are served by our hospital. We appreciate all that they do, year round to support Children’s with the Holiday Horsepower Drive, and we can proudly say that they are truly making a difference for thousands of children.

Alyssa DeFrain
Development Officer

Alyssa DeFrain,


Thank you for allowing us to participate in your Christmas giving experience. We have always enjoyed putting a smile on a child’s face and this gives us an opportunity to spread our love for all children a bit farther.

We would like to wish all these very special children and their families a very merry Christmas and all this best with the challenges that lie ahead.

To quote a very wonderful song by Charlie Daniels:”The closest thing to heaven is a child”

To all involved with this foundation and all others, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Eagle Raceway IMCA Modified Driver Rik Gropp, Vermeer Racing, and Kevin and Tomi Klein and our whole race operation.

Kevin and Tomi Klein,

Buddy Ray

I wanted to let you know that the O’Reilly gift cards had a remarkable impact on a particular family and I’m not sure what they would have done without your efforts to get those cards. Because of patient confidentiality, I can’t give too many details but I can tell you this much:

The cards were given to a family whose child has been hospitalized at least 7 times this year, and that isn’t counting the number of trips to the Emergency Department. This family lives in Southeast Nebraska and their van with the medical lift is the only mode of transportation for their daughter and their foster son – both have very complicated special needs. That van is their lifeline to our services. The gift cards could not have come at a better time, too, and the family was overwhelmed. They were able to get a much-needed new batter, wiper blades, and a fan belt that was on its last strand.

We all know that medical costs are high but many people don’t take into consideration the ‘hidden costs’ that affect families – wear and tear on vehicles, gas, long distance calls, lodging, etc. And because we are a regional hospital, about 45% of our patients and families live outside the Omaha area and feel the impact of those costs. So your efforts were not in vain. In fact, your efforts proved extraordinarily important.

Again, thank you.

Rob Harding, BA, CCLS
Community Resource Specialist
Children’s Hospital

Rob Harding, BA, CCLS, Community Resource Specialist - Children's Hospital