2011 Drive Results

2011 Results

Drivers visiting Children’s Hospital
Buddy Ray Jones – IMCA Sportmod
Brett Smith – IMCA Sportmod
Taylor Smith – Smith crewmember
Jack Prall – IMCA Sportmod
Josh Blom – IMCA Sportmod
Sean Conaway – Nascar B-mod
Cody Ledger – Midget Sprint Car
Jeff Brunsen – IMCA Sportmod
Lindsey Yost – IMCA Sportmod
Sydney Yost – IMCA Sportcompact
Joe Thomas – IMCA/Nascar Sportmod
Bill Swartzendruber – IMCA/Nascar Official
Steve Peoples – Smith crewmember
Rachael Lee – Jones crewmember

Items received for hospital visit
1 Cootie game
1 Dagedar
1 Fisher Price Treehouse/Little People set
1 Game pack
100 Decal sets
100 Drawstring bags
105 Crayon boxes
108 Teddy Bears
15 Barbie dolls
15 Matchbox cars
15 Straw sets
2 Baby toys
2 Battleship game
2 Board games
2 Box of Fingerpaint
2 Coozies
2 Hats
2 High School Musical doll
2 Keith Knop shorts
2 Large foam floor puzzles
2 PlayDoh
2 Transformers
28 Brentwood carwashes
3 Racecars
3 Speed Wheels cars
3 Tech Deck Pros
30 Noteboom Stickers
30 Ricky Racer stickers
4 Dolls
4 Double decks of kid’s cards
4 Mini Etch-A-Sketches
4 Model car kits
5 Barbie toys
5 Books
5 Lip gloss
5 Magnetic games
5 UNO games
50 Hero cards
51 Coloring books
60 Blom stickers
60 Intellective Plank handheld games
80 T-shirts
88 Hot Wheels
9 Nail Polish
9 Stuffed animals
15 Bows
15 Shirt boxes
244 Gift tags
33 Tape rolls
4 Gift bags
4 Tissue paper packages
6 Ribbon rolls
3 Scissors
62 Boxes for wrapping
93 Wrapping Paper rolls
1 Giant check for presentation
100 Juice Boxes

Thank you 2011

Thank you to all involved with the 2011 Holiday Horsepower Drive gift campaing.  The year started out slow with gifts for the children.  But the closer we got to the date of the hospital visit, the more gifts we had coming in.  We ended up with some great items.

The wrapping session took place a Joe’s Karting and was quick, focused and fun.  Some go-kart racing followed the wrapping.  Then we all met at the Omaha Children’s Hospital with all the wrapped gifts.  The packages and the people were split into 3 groups and disbursed throughout the hospital.  Each group met with patients to deliver the gifts.  We all met back in the lobby of the hospital after delivering the gifts.

While the group was at the hospital, we also had to check out the Wall of Life.  Holiday Horsepower Drive and anyone that has helped out in the last 6 years has donated enough money to Children’s Hospital to have a plaque on the Wall of Life.  Holiday Horsepower Drive also has a tile in the Pediatric Gardern.

The day was a good day and fun was had by all while also helping to brighten the day of some great kids.

Let’s do it again next year!